Internet Security Presentation

F0rthsp4ce opeening envent: Bullet points for presentation

Basic internet security techniques in 2022. Why do you need it?

Global Surveillance Programs Overview:

Mobile-phone tracking and surveillance capabilities

Face recognition networks

Bio-metric identities

  • Biometrics are horribly inaccurate
  • Biometrics can’t be done by everyone
  • Biometrics are not secret
  • Biometric data is easy to copy
  • Biometrics are easy to fool
  • Biometric vulnerabilities are more true in remote scenarios


Web-browser fingerprinting and Big Data

Why should I care about privacy at all?

  • targeted news (information bubble)
  • risk of persecution
  • perspective of “social credit” system

Privacy-enhanced software

Privacy-enhanced wed services

Written on March 26, 2022